Under California law, it is unlawful to harass or discriminate against someone because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation.  Here, discrimination under the law means treating an employee differently because of his or her actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.  In this case, “treating them differently” means not giving a person the same “terms and conditions of employment” as the employer gives another because of an unlawful reason.  “Terms and conditions of employment” may include whether or not a person is hired or promoted, the employee’s position, title, pay, hours, vacations, etc.

LGBT harassment means harassing someone because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity status.  It is not sufficient that the co-worker, manager or supervisor is unpleasant.  Rather, the harassment must be because of your actual or perceived sexual orientation and must be sufficiently severe or pervasive such that your working conditions have been altered and you are working in an abusive workplace environment.

In harassment and discrimination suits, employees can recover their lost wages and benefits, emotional distress damages, attorneys fees, costs of suit and, in some cases, punitive damages.

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