The special circumstances surrounding a contest of a decedent’s will or other estate planning documents, disputes between trustees and beneficiaries, and claims involving suspected elder abuse inject a healthy dose of emotional stress into litigation. No matter on which side of the dispute you find yourself, you need experienced representation to protect your rights or the rights of your loved ones.

The attorneys at the Dean Law Group have unique qualifications in this area. Because we assist clients in creating their own estate plans we are better able to spot the holes in these kinds of documents when they are not drafted properly. Additionally, because we understand the requirements for creating a valid and binding estate plan, free from undue influence or fraud, we are able to spot problems involving these issues. We have represented trustees as well as beneficiaries in disputes involving the management of trusts and estates, which also ensures that we have the ability to see both sides of a case, and work more effectively on behalf of our clients. Merrianne Dean is regularly appointed by the San Diego Probate Court to represent elders who are the subject of conservatorships.

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