Employment claims are often the most significant legal issues businesses have to address, and the time and emotional effort required to respond properly can be substantial.  Issues arising in the work place such as proper calculation of wages due and hours worked; when to pay out vacation; limitations an employer can place on an employee regarding their work environment, attire, hours and off-duty behavior, among many others; meal and rest periods; and a myriad of others, can be some of the most challenging issues a business confronts.  Having an attorney with significant expertise in this area as a resource can help you avoid or create a pro-active plan for addressing any claims that might be made.

As an employer and business owner you must make policy decisions affecting your employees‑‑ like determining whether to classify job categories as exempt from overtime and whether you can use the services of “independent contractors” without setting yourself up for problems down the road.  Obtaining candid, practical advice from your attorneys at The Dean Law Group will help you avoid legal problems down the road.

When responding to complaints by or about current employees, you may need to take corrective action – such as disciplining a harasser or moving a complaining employee – you need good, clear advice on how best to approach the situation.  Sometimes the employer should employ a neutral law firm or private investigator for the purpose of investigating a complaint. If the investigative report may be used as the basis for a defense, the employer could benefit from waiving any privilege and revealing a thorough investigation and an informed response.

Our primary focus is on prevention.  We will do everything possible to help you avoid ending up in litigation by providing you with concrete, practical advice.  In the event litigation is unavoidable, we will work collaboratively with you to create a plan for pursuing reasonable settlement, while actively defending your interests in the event settlement is not available.

The Dean Law Group, with its decades of experience, will help you sort out these complex employment issues.  Our experience in these matters includes numerous trials, arbitrations and mediations, as well as many administrative proceedings.  The firm’s attorneys practice in both California state and federal courts.