Even if you only have a small number of employees, your company employee manual is an invaluable tool for establishing a consistent record of your business rules.  It can ensure that all employees receive the same information in a consistent fashion, and provides a basis from which to evaluate employee conduct.

Employee manuals are used to convey the company’s rules on many concepts like:

  • The operating, shift and work hours of the company
  • Salary and benefits guidelines
  • Drug use/abuse policies
  • Workplace harassment policies
  • Dress codes
  • Electronic communications, i.e. use of computers and other digital devices
  • Depending on the type of business, more specific concepts like safety and confidentiality

Poorly or inaccurately written employee manuals can create problems for businesses.  In the case of disputes between employers and employees, your employee manual can either support your position or create liability for your company if incorrectly crafted.

At The Dean Law Group, APLC, we believe your employee relationships are important and we work with our clients to create California employee manuals in plain English. This helps workers at all levels to clearly understand the rules and responsibilities of their work environment and avoid miscommunication.